project author

In her work, Andreja Kulunčić, visual artist, interrogates various aspects of social relations and practice. Her interests lie in socially engaged topics, confronting various audiences and cooperation on collective projects. Setting up her own interdisciplinary network, viewing artistic practice as research, a process of cooperation, co-creation and self-organisation. She often demands active cooperation on the part of her audience, asking it to “complete” the work. Part of the process of creating the work is often multidisciplinary, with artistic skills complemented by skills from other fields. She lives in Zagreb, where she lectures at the Academy of Fine Arts, in the Department of New Media. Her work has been shown in international exhibitions, including: Documenta11 (Kassel), Manifesta4 (Frankfurt/Main), 8th Istanbul Biennial (Istanbul), Liverpool Biennial04 (Liverpool), 3.Tirana Biennial (Tirana), 10. Triennale-India (New Delhi), and in collective exhibitions in museums including: Whitney Museum of American Art (New York), PS1 (New York), Museum MUAC (Mexico City), Palais de Tokyo (Pariz), Garage Museum (Moskva), Kumu Art Museum (Tallin), MSU (Zagreb), MMSU (Rijeka), Lentos Kunstmuseum (Linz), Museum of Modern Art (Saint-Etienne), MSU (Ljubljana), MSUV (Novi Sad), MSU (Beograd), Ludwig Museum (Budimpešta).




collaborator on the project

Dubravka Stijačić is a professor of defectology and social pedagogy and reality therapy, and a trained psychotherapist. She has worked in the Vrapče Psychiatric Hospital for many years, as head of the Psychosocial Treatment Methods and Occupational Therapy Department, charged with carrying out psychiatric rehabilitation / psychosocial treatment for all patients at the Vrapče Hospital. She is currently in charge of group and individual psychotherapy and social skills training, and is also active as an educator and reality therapy supervisor.



collaborator on the project

Renata Jambrešić Kirin works at the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research and is an associate of the Centre for Women’s Studies in Zagreb. She has published papers on women’s wartime literature, testimonial discourse, the socialist culture of memory and gender history in Croatia, both in Croatian and international academic journals. She has also published reviews, essays and short prose pieces in literary journals (Quorum, Riječi, Treća, Tema, Forum and Književna republika), and the Croatian Radio Three. She is the author of a book, Dom i svijet: o ženskoj kulturi pamćenja (The Home and the World: of the Female Culture of Remembrance, 2008), and co-editor of numerous collections of papers. In her Korice od Kamfora (Camphor Covers, 2015), she critically reflects on contemporary society, combining genres and styles, documentary sources and fiction.