Publication and Web site about the prison camp for women on the islands of Goli Otok and Sveti Grgur


Released as the outcome of a two-year-long research effort were the Web site of the project and the publication “You betrayed the Party just when you should have helped it”. The second part included informed texts written by anthropologist and feminist theoretician Renata Jambrešić-Kirin and curator and art historian Irena Bekić. The writings of Jambrešic-Kirin provide an image of the sufferings of women on Goli Otok, the structure of the inmates, the mechanisms of punishment, ideological indoctrination and moral corruption as ways in which “re-education in conjunction with socially useful work” were carried out. Irena Bekić, on the other hand, describes the theoretical grounding of the project and the complexity of the segments. The publication also includes the drawings of Andreja Kulunčić and the testimonies and biographies of the one-time inmates.

Design has been confided to Negra Nigoević, and the publication has been issued jointly by the MAPA association and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.

The Web site of the project expands the visibility of the theme and makes it much more accessible to both the expert and the general public. Through the biographies of the former prisoners, their testimonies and memories, it underlines the necessity of making the experiences of women fully present in the historical sources. The site includes segments of the artistic project, like a discursive programme, artistic interventions as well as exhibitions and texts that take up the issue of the women’s prison camp complex on Goli Otok and Sveti Grgur. It is intended that over the years the site should be supplemented with appropriate contents that follow up the artistic project as well as with scholarly, specialised and research works and archival material for the sake of making the subject as accessible as possible.

Web site designed by Ana Labudović.

Publication is bilingual (Croatian and English language) and is available for free download in PDF.

*The publication is supported by: Zaklada Kultura nova and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung