Ženi Lebl i Eva Nahir Panić

Inserts from the television documentary series “Bare Life”; Screenplay by Danilo Kiš and Aleksandar Mandić/ Directed by Aleksandar Mandić / Belgrade, Avala Film, 1989

The idea for this documentary series – conversations between Danilo Kiš and Eva Nahir Panić and Ženi Lebl, directed by Aleksandar Mandić – came into being while Danilo Kiš was spending time in Israel in 1986. The actual filming of the stories of two ex-inmates from Sveti Grgur and Goli Otok was done during March 1990. The four-episode series was first broadcast from March 12 to March 15, 1990 from the Sarajevo studio. The later tragic events showed that this was one of the last programmes ever to have been watched together by people in Yugoslavia. A complete transcript of the conversation was recently published in the book of Kiš and Mandić, Bare Life [Goli život], Belgrade, Pro Yes Pro Media Company, 2020.

*We are grateful to Aleksandar Mandić for permission to publish short clips from the series and for the donation of a book of the transcripts.

Miljuša Jovanović

A conversation with Miljuša Jovanović was recorded in 1989 in Thalassotherapia, a spa and resort in Opatija, by journalist of Radio Belgrade, Dragoslav Šimić.

Although one of the first to join the Partisans, one who had been injured in the war, Miljuša spent almost four years in the women’s prison camps on Sveti Grgur and Goli Otok, from October 1950 to February 1954. Šimić summed up his impression of this outstanding personality: “I had expected to meet a broken-down woman, full of bitterness. But Miljuša was captivating in her very cheerfulness. She spoke of those who had violated her with irony, as if it had all happened to someone else, and not to her. …. In my professional career, Miljuša is a figure all on her own, occupying a place of honour, with her incredible filmic biography”.

*We are grateful to Dragoslav Šimić, author and curator of the oral history archive With Microphone through the 20th century (http://www.audioifotoarhiv.com/) for his kind permission to publish part of the audio interview and photo of Miljuša Jovanović. The whole interview you can find on the link.

Vera Winter

The video narration of Vera Winter née Barišić, recorded in her home on August 25, 2013.

The shooting took place under the auspices of the project “Personal recollections of wars and other forms of political violence from 1941 onwards” (http://www.osobnasjecanja.hr/), of the association called Documenta – Centar za suočavanje s prošlošću (Document – Centre for Confronting the Past). After two months on remand in Belgrade, an administrative penalty was imposed on Vera Barišic, 36 months on Goli Otok and Sveti Grgur, which she served from June 1950 to June 1953.

*We are grateful to Documenta – Centar za suočavanje s prošlošću (Document – Centre for Confronting the Past) and its manager Vesna Tešelić from making this video narration available.

Jelena Hadžikan

Interview with Jelena Hadžikan in PDF

*We are grateful to Mr. Slobodan Hadžikan for sharing this interview