“You betrayed the Party just when you should have helped it.”*

spatial intervention and video installation, 2019-2021

*(Statement of the woman commandant of the Goli Otok Camp, Marija Zelić)


Author Andreja Kulunčić, visual artist in collaboration with Renata Jambrešić Kirin anthropologist and Dubravka Stijačić psychotherapist

The exhibitions cover different segments of the project. In the interference of documentary and artistic material, through the medium of artistic installation, the exhibition links symbolic and real experiences of the perception of female trauma. Combining the researches into a syncretistic medium it includes and heightens the sensory dimension in the processes of cognition, instructing us about the inconstancy, particularity and canonical nature of knowledge and builds a sensory historical narrative. With its participative part, exhibitions actively involve visitors in the production of work.

More details about the complex segments of the project in Irene Bekić’s text “You betrayed the Party when you should have helped it – deconstruction of an amnesia”, published in the project’s publication -> PDF  and in Anca Verona Mihuleț’s text “names, only names…” -> PDF


You can see part of the media coverage of the exhibition at this link -> PRESS CLIPPING