Live act / Artistic intervention


Performance and intervention on Goli and Sveti Grgur islands comprises a live act / performance that takes place at the intersection of space, movement, instrumental and vocal articulation and the artistic action of making sculptures.



These are in situ researches of the possibility of transferring the experience of Goli and Grgur women political prison camp through the media of dance, sound and voice created by dancer Zrinka Užbinec, instrumentalist Jasna Jovićević and vocalist Annette Giesriegl according to a previously developed concept by the project author Andreja Kulunčić (July 2019).

The video installation based on materials recorded at the Goli otok and Sveti Grgur sites was first presented at an exhibition at the Historical and Maritime Museum of Istria in Pula in April 2021.

(video installation, filmed by Ivo Martinović)

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The small sculptures made on the site of the women’s prison camp on Goli Otok by artist Andreja Kulunčić embody recollection of the violence perpetrated there. The particular and highly constrained conditions of life on the island modified the women’s bodies, their physical and mental health, while in turn the women intervened in the structure of the island, subtracted from it and changed its configuration. They turned uninhabited islands into makeshift habitats. The action tells of the futility of most of the forced labour done during captivity, the fragility of the body and the difficulty of survival in the camp. On the other hand, by making the sculptures arise out of the stone, the artist emphasises the fact that the hard labour on the stone shaped the women inmates and left traces on their bodies to the ends of their lives.

The artist has chosen places on which signs of the work of the captives can be seen, building a new narration along the axis BODY | TRANSFORMATION | SURVIVAL | NURTURING.

The small sculptures, made of clay on the very site, dry up, disintegrate and vanish. The action establishes a new form of dealing with the space of dehumanisation, as well as a framework for pondering on a definition of humanity.

(filmed by Ivo Martinović)