Workshop: “Where Are the Women of Goli Archipelago?”


The workshop is envisioned as a dialogue between feminist theorist Brigita Miloš and anthropologist Renata Jambrešić Kirin on the topic of “how feminist archival practices engendered new historical narratives” (Eichhorn 2013) and how digital non-stationary willfulness archives (Ahmed 2014) conceptualize and organize messy, intermittent, entangled, cyclical and corporeal women’s lives. Each archive is a peculiar place of difference and/or exclusion, and the (digital) rearrangement of Yugoslav cultural memory regularly omits the history of women as political prisoners or victims of the “red terror.” Based on the artistic research project, “You Betrayed the Party Just When You Should Have Helped It” by Andreja Kulunčić, the workshop will show examples of ethical-aesthetic confrontation with the “invisible” former spaces of women’s political gulags on the islands of Sveti Grgur and Goli Otok which through the practice of “late capitalist ruination” (Tsing 2015 and Stoler 2013) become places of forgetting, carelessness, and touristic commodification. As Jasna Koteksa, author of Against the Pre-Archival Mentality(2006), points out, women’s archives attempt to hold on to women’s lives and their complexities: “It’s an attempt to archive all of the past, including the pain and the idea for its unravelling”.


Workshop is held in partnership with the Center for Advanced Studies in Southeast Europe – University of Rijeka, over Zoom on the 24thof November 2020.