Workshop of Dubravka Stijačić, psychotherapist


Changes in external circumstances are part of the reality of every person. Circumstances can change as a result or irrespective of our inputs. Most often we experience these moments as our life being out of control. The individual cannot change the circumstances, but can change their personal response, what they think and do in given situations. Irrespective of how we arrived at them, nobody can help us if we have unrealistic expectations, expectations that relate to the circumstances and to other people. If we can direct our behaviour in such situations, we are on the right road.

This was an interactive workshop in which participants obtained information about people’s behaviour, the objective being to arrive at a better understanding of self and others. Through an explanation of psychological needs, of frustration, thinking, feeling, physiology and other activities, the members of the workshop were encouraged to assess how, and with what kind of behaviour, they met their psychological needs, how they became frustrated and how this frustration could be diminished. We spoke of our experience of the world around us and our expectations from self and others, about the inner motivation for human conduct and the psychological strength that every individual possesses.


The workshop was held in the Delfin Centre for Support and the Development of Civil Society, Pakrac, on September 11, 2020.