The workshop of Andreja Kulunčić in the gallery  Sikirica


On Saturday, September 18. 2021 in the gallery Sikirica, as part of the project “You betrayed the Party just when you should have helped it” the artist Andreja Kulunčić has held workshop about engaged artistic projects which are dealing with the position of women in different social contexts.

The workshop introduced projects that in various ways were focused on the position of woman in very well defined social situations. WOMEN.INDEX takes up the position of women in Split, Naples, Belgrade and Ljubljana, registering how women defined their own position, choosing from three options suggested: content, discriminated against, abused. EQUALS, takes up the issue of the discrimination of women of different ethnic, religious and racial origins and sexual orientations in Zagreb through a series of posters put up around the city and animation on social media.

The last and most recent project YOU BETRAYED THE PARTY JUST WHEN YOU SHOULD HAVE HELPED IT focuses on the instatement of a female memory of the traumatic past of women political prisoners on Goli Otok and Sv. Grgur in the period of the Tito-Stalin schism.